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Web Resources For Developers To Help Build A Great Website

Web Resources – An Introduction

After mastering the basics of web design, and getting to grips with how jquery works you should be able to put together a basic website. We have come across many great free resources over the years that help to either do things quicker, do things better, or free plugins to take your site to the next level.

Below is a list with a brief explanation of each. (we are always adding to the list, if theres anything you feel we have missed please drop us a comment below and we may add it to our list)

This is not a list of the snazziest jquery add ons, it is really aimed at the essential things that will come in hands for a standard website. We hope you find it useful!


Web Resources



In our opinion the best code editor, it has many great features, and is much better than a plain text editor for building sites.

you can download komodo for free here


Hex Hub


A great colour code picker tool for web colours. You may not need it if you use a decent code editor (in Komodo there is an inbuilt colour picker)

visit hex hub here




A lightweight plugin for popup photo galleries

fancybox details and free download can be found here


Border Radius Generator


Free online tool, generates cross browser CSS for variations of border radius, simple and quick to use

Border radius generator can be found here




A great online cross browser CSS gradient generator

Find ColorZilla here


CSS Sticky Footer


Makes your website footer stay at the bottom of the page, even if your page doesnt have much content.

Find CSS Sticky Footer here


Jquery Spritely


A fantastic way to liven up your web pages with scrolling animations



Slides and Toggles for content

Exactly what it says on the tin, click a heading to expand a content area, a great way to include content on your website.

SlideToggle Example


Online reservations and booking software


Not free unfortunately, but plugs into your website seamlessly, ideal for hotel websites that want to take bookings online.



Background image slideshow


A full screen (not responsive) slideshow, with captions

Marcofolio fullscreen slideshow


CSS Font Stack


A list of web safe fonts, and the CSS code for each

CSS Font Stack


Responsive image slideshow


There are tons of these around, try googling ‘responsive jquery slideshow’, this is one we have found really easy to install.


Social media share buttons


Really easy to add to the code of any page. Free to sign up.



Thats it for now, we will keep adding, comment below if you have come across any great resources and we will add it to our list!


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